AM2 Core Capabilities / Roadmap Announcement

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Demand Curve Requires Additional Support Vectors

With the growth in user adoption and feature functionality of the BrainJogger suite of applications, DCRE Labs has agreed to support (funding and staffing) the expansion of the core infrastructure supporting Amadeus / Amadeus II, BrainJogger, the LifeQuest PM Management Project, and various development efforts underway at the code foundries: DCRE Labs, FlippityJit, TurtleBug and Jinkle.Com

This website represents the customer-facing portal into these new development areas and provides an overall (albeit sporadic) view of upcoming and on-going activities.

Key notes

  • All capabilities of the Amadeus and BrainJogger clients (as of January 2022) will be supported from AM2Core (in addition to existing back-end servers). However - Legacy servers may be retired at some point in the future, which will require a client update (to a version which knows about the am2core services).

    Every effort will be made to support backwards compatibility and minimize impact on the client communities / customers. We will also strive for transparency during the transition process:
    • Current roadmap does NOT include any further updates on BrainJogger Legacy (BJL) systems - they are in maintenance only mode as of Jan 1, 2022.
    • Older BrainJogger mobile clients will not be able to use new AM2Core functionality but will retain full functionality that was available as of 1/1/2022.
    • Future plans intend to fold in URLs to AM2Core systems but that roadmpa has not been completely vetted by the developers.
  • BrainJogger task entries and activity maintenance functions will be fully integrated with AM2Core (and backward compatible)
    This means any updates to a BrainJogger task list or project WILL be posted immediately to the AM2Core clients (and vice versa)

  • Beta testers of integrated home control environments will be notified of any changes or client upgrades.
    Voice control WILL be maintained, however automated system activities may require an update to older devices (at no cost)

    Please contact your DCRE Representative for additional information and support.

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