Remarkable 2 Support ( new for 2024! )

A new support effort has been launched which integrates BrainJogger technology for Remarkable 2 users.

For authenticated users, a new feature (RM2 PDF) is now available. This feature will compile a list of open actions (from BrainJogger projects) into a navigable PDF suitable for use on a Remarkable 2 tablet. RM2 users can then write on / track their progress on open actions using lists pre-populated from their BrainJogger entries. This is a new service, very much in development but the initial release looks to have a very complete minimal viable product.

Because this is using BrainJogger's project tasking, all other components are fully supported: voice-entry via the Amadeus client, web interface via, automated recurrence via DCRE Labs, etc. Tasks created via any of these systems will be available and automatically listed in the new RM2 PDF report.

How to:

  • Step 1: Choose projects to be listed (from a provided menu of your existing BrainJogger projects), click SUBMIT
  • Step 2: Review and confirm the generated PDF file is correct
  • Step 3: Save/Download it to your PC (or mobile device, cloud storage, etc)
  • Step 4: Use the Remarkable2 app to import generated PDF to your tablet.
  • Step 5: Enjoy !!

Developer's notes:

  • Menu bar entries are now sorted alphabetically (between "top" and "bottom" entries)
  • Filename is now unique to userID and date-time.
  • Filename is now listed on front page
  • Front page entries now have links in body (as well as in the menu bar)
  • Short lists will be be populated with "additional space" lines

    This enables "templates" to be created (that is, lists of blank lines) by creating a single task in a project

  • Last page is pre-configued to be blank lines for additional notes
  • Amadeus II Core Engine 2.1 jQuery UI Datepicker - Default functionality
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